I heard that it has not gone for a long time .... maintenance Rolex 1601

The customer's rolex replica (Rolex 1601) is said to have been stopped for some time. This special trip from here to replica watches uk send the mainland, so that the master to help look at. After receiving the courier, the master found that the fault is as follows: has stopped, how to shake the second hand do not turn; head off, the week button no matter how can not adjust the week. Master opened the rolex replica back cover and found that it was dirty. Shook the watch body, the balance wheel slightly turned a few, escapement fork also slightly moved a few times, but the escapement wheel as set in that, can not turn. Lubricant deterioration dry, resulting in the wheel and the bearing friction is too large, the gear can not turn, or dirt stuck the gear. Wash oil maintenance should be able to solve the problem. Dismantling the movement, and did not find any parts damaged, precious stones are not any damage. Indicating that normal maintenance can solve the problem. The machine is dirty, a lot of oil under the shaft, there may be a spring oil leakage. Open the lid, remove the winding, clean them and then reload, re-added some molybdenum disulfide special grease. All parts washed again, the cleaning liquid to leave the dark fines, and then washed again satisfied. Assembly, refueling process is very smooth, the week does not move the fault has been resolved. Mounted on the watch pendulum, stopped the balance wheel and cheerfully swing up, swing normal.